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The little town that could... The community of Elma is a community of re-birth and endless growth. Through many catastrophes in its early days, the citizens of Elma, with their spirit of hometown pride, persevered and rebuilt the community at every turn. This hometown spirit and constant strive to make Elma the "best little bedroom community around" is still alive today . It is evident among the families who reside here, as well as in the businesses, organizations, and Mennonite cultures that dot our landscape. The people of Elma invite you visit this website to learn more about our affordable housing, new medical clinic (opening October 2020!) excellent Pre-school and early childhood center, recreational trail, community wellness center, museums, golf course, nursing home with assisted living facilities, many Mennonite greenhouses and shops as well as numerous other local businesses.

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Watch for news early next year about Elma Trail Days returning July 9-10-11 in 2021; please mark it on your calendars!
-The Elma Trail Days Committee

Governor Reynolds visit Elma, Sept. 2020 Shrink Smart 1 Shrink Smart 2

Elma Community Complex Project

Exciting improvements ahead for Elma!

Elma Community Complex Project

Local medical services, increased day care capacity, and fully handicap accessible library adjacent to the day care and bus-stop are just a few of the ways the Elma area will benefit when the Elma Community Complex project is complete.  The ECC project involves all non-profit organizations and is being done in phases as funding allows.  The first phase involved the deconstruction of the former brick school building and was completed in the spring of 2020.   The second phase, building a medical clinic on Busti Avenue, is complete and Regional Health Services of Howard County will open the medical clinic in late 2020. The third phase will be re-purposing a portion of the gymnasium into a city clerk's office and  multipurpose community room, and bathroom renovations.  The fourth phase involves adding a larger infant room onto the existing day care and re-purposing the current infant room into a 3 year-old-preschool.  The fifth phase is renovating the remaining portion of the gym into a library and then wrap up the project with finishing the parking lot and landscaping.  To learn more, including ways to donate to the project click here :   E.C.C. Project


       Renee Burke, Elma Library Director, Erin Ludwig ECC committee member, and Shannon Gebel, Elma City Clerk  standing in the future multi-purpose community room that will be adjacent to the library and daycare.   "I couldn't be more excited to see this progress in what is going to be our multi-purpose community room," shared Renee Burke Elma Library Director. "Our current meeting room seats 12 while this will accommodate nearly 50. It will be fully handicap accessible with kitchenette and technology. This will be useful for library programs but also a place for employers to train employees and a place for family gatherings such as bridal showers and reunions. The location is an asset because it next to our beautiful library and park.  We hope to begin using it this summer!"


June 21st, 2021 News Release:   The City of Elma was 1 of 26 recipients of the Rural Innovation Grant. This $20,000 grant will go towards the Elma Community Complex Project's library renovations. Here is a link to the news release:  https://kwwl.com/.../gov-reynolds-announces-400000-for.../

June 11, 2021 News Release:  On June 11th Regional Health Services of Howard County held an open house at the Elma Medical Clinic and KMAX Farms dedicated the building in honor of Jerry Steven. Trent Thiele, of KMAX Farms, dedicated the building in honor of Jerry Steven. KMAX Farms was given the rights to naming the building because of their financial support of the project.   Jerry was a long time resident of Elma and had served as city councilman, mayor, and county supervisor and loved by many. Jerry passed away last summer. Patty, Jerry's wife, accepted the honor.



March 17 News Release:   "What A Great Week! The Elma Community Complex committee has been informed that they will be receiving a $4120 Child Care Challenge Fund and $111,884 from Investing in Iowa's Child Care Fund. The ECC was also granted a $3965 grant from Elma Area Community Foundation and a $15,000 grant from the Howard County Community Foundation," stated committee member Erin Ludwig."Fund-raising during COVID has presented some challenges but we are still focused on raising 1.2 million. It is a fund-raising marathon, not a sprint. To date, we have $834,967 committed to the project. The ECC Committee is hopeful that as more people see the progress that has been made and how it will impact our community, they will consider joining in supporting this worthy community project."  The Elma Community Complex (ECC) project is a multi-phase community betterment project focused on expanding medical, day-care, and library services for the area and is being done in phases as funding allows.

The Child Care Challenge Fund and Investing in Iowa's Child Care Fund, in support of the day-care addition, allows for the construction begin later this spring or early summer. The day-care will be adding a larger infant room onto the existing day-care and re-purposing the current infant room into a three year-old-preschool. The addition to the day-care will expand its capacity up to 16 infants and provide for more ease in separating infants, toddlers and school age kids. The Elma Early Childhood Center continues to have a waiting list. "If we want young families to continue to live here, we need to provide the day-care services and amenities that they need. This is what this project is all about—from medical services to day-care to library," shared Bruce Weigel, committee member. He was also quick to add how the whole community can benefit from employers to senior citizens.

Renovations on the multi-purpose community room in the former gymnasium is being worked on now. The handicapped accessible multi-purpose community room with kitchenette will be used for library programming for youth and adults, community meetings and gatherings (city council meetings, family gatherings, etc.) The multi-purpose room will have a capacity of around 50 people.

The first phase was the deconstruction of the elementary school while the second phase was the completion of the Regional Health Services of Howard County Elma Medical Clinic building. Both of these phases are completed. The third phase involves renovating a portion of the former gym into a community room and city clerk's office; the fourth phase involves adding an addition on to the day care; and finally, the fifth phase is renovating the remaining portion of the gym into a library and then wrap up the project with finishing the parking lot and landscaping.

For more information please contact Shannon Gebel, Elma City Clerk, at 641-393-2543.  You may also visit elmaia.com and the Elma, Iowa Facebook page.

March 3, 2021 News Release:  Plans are underway to have a Fish Fry Fundraiser on Friday March 5th. This is a fundraiser for the Elma Community Complex! We continue to make progress- the Elma Medical Clinic opened in January and in February renovations of a portion of the gymnasium into a multipurpose community room began. The project is progressing as fundraising allows. We have $699,698 committed thus far to the 1.2 million dollar project.

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