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The little town that could... The community of Elma is a community of re-birth and endless growth. Through many catastrophes in its early days, the citizens of Elma, with their spirit of hometown pride, persevered and rebuilt the community at every turn. This hometown spirit and constant strive to make Elma the "best little bedroom community around" is still alive today . It is evident among the families who reside here, as well as in the businesses, organizations, and Mennonite cultures that dot our landscape. The people of Elma invite you visit this website to learn more about our affordable housing, excellent Pre-school and early childhood center, recreational trail, community wellness center, museums, golf course, bowling alley, nursing home with assisted living facilities, many Mennonite greenhouses and shops as well as numerous other local businesses.




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Colonial Manor of Elma

407 9th Street, Elma, IA, 50628



Colonial Manor of Elma is a 57 bed licensed Medicare/Medicaid certified skilled care center located on the west edge of Elma. It opened in 1978 by a group of locals and in 1998 it was purchased by ABCM Corporation whose headquarters is in Hampton, Iowa.
Colonial Manor of Elma sets itself apart from other care centers in that they believe in the philosophy of Person Directed Care: residents choose when they wish to rise and to retire, when they eat their meals, when and how often they bathe, and many other choices as if they were in their own home. Among its many services and amenities, Colonial Manor of Elma also provides free transportation to medical appointments for its residents, and with their van and minibus, offers many outside activities.
The belief of "your day, your way" has resulted in Colonial Manor of Elma breaking away from tradition. In 2015, the home became ABCM Person Directed Care (PDC) Certified by meeting over 90 benchmarks set forth by ABCM Corporate. And in 2012 it received the Iowa Governor's Award for Quality Care.
In 2000, ABCM built Afton Oaks Independent and Assisted Living which connects to Colonial Manor. In addition to ten unit apartments with walk out patios and an attached enclosed garage, Afton Oaks also houses Elma Therapy Center. The center provides physical, occupational and speech therapy services not only to residents and tenants, but to the children and adults of the general public.
Colonial Manor of Elma also offers short term respite stays. For those who choose to remain in their private homes but need assistance, ABCM Healthy Living Home Care is another service to provide help in one's home. This includes an array of options from meal preparation and housekeeping to running errands and medication setup.
To learn more about Colonial Manor of Elma, feel free to visit their website at www.abcmcorp.com .
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