Elma, Iowa

Elma City Council & City Boards

The City of Elma, City Hall and City Clerk's office operate out a new location in the former school building at 319 Oak Street.  City Council meetings are held at this location on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. and are open to the public.  The City Clerk's office hours there are as follows:

Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays  8:00-11:30 a.m
Wednesdays 8:00-11:30 am and 12:30-5:00 p.m. 

Mailing address for any City business, the Mayor, City Clerk, City Maintenance employee or any City Council Member is: 
City of Elma,  P.O. Box 497 in Elma, IA 50628-0497. 
The phone number is 641-393-2543
e-mail address has changed to elmacityclerk@gmail.com.

Current City Officials are:  Jerry Steven, Mayor          Shannon Gebel, City Clerk          Dennis O'Brien, Public Works Director

Current City Council Members and the committees on which they serve are:

Jerry Haar (Water/Sewer/Equipment committee, Streets/Storm Drainage committee, Council Rep. for Landfill)
TJ Granahan (Streets/Storm Drainage committee,Yard Waste/Landfill Garbage  committee, School Building committee)
Tom Platte ( Finance/Insurance committee, Crime/Weed/Civil Defense committee, Council Rep to BRIDGE)
Emily Ptacek (Finance/Insurance committee, Crime/Weeds/Civil Defense committee, School Building committee,)
Randy Thoren (Water/Sewer/Equipment committee, Yard Waste/Landfill/Garbage committee, Fire Dept. Commission)

Additionally, City Clerk Shannon Gebel serves as the City Housing Program representative, and the Howard County Business & Tourism representative.

Contact Information for City Council:

Jerry Steven                             Jerry Haar                              TJ Granahan                         Emily Ptacek                           Randy Thoren                      Tom Platte         
233 Busti Avenue                 120 High Street                    501 Elm Street                    720 Main Street                     410 Ash Street                    301 8th Street                 PH: 393-2153                        PH: 393-2266                      PH: 641-330-7387           PH: 641-229-6752               PH: 515-571-0566            PH: 641-393-2618         


Current City Boards and their members include:

Elma Fire Department Commission:  Randy Thoren, Emily Ptacek, and Laura Zenner

Elma Library Board:  Sharon Zobeck-Chairperson,  John Boyle, Linda Dundee, Garry McGee, and Mary Ptacek

Elma Memorial Hall Board:  Mike Bigley-Chairperson, Tom Miller, Vern Voves, Jim Johnson, and Tony Roethler

Elma Museums Board:  Tom Platte, Marian McGee, John Lentz, Barb Schroeder, and Dan Gebel

Elma Parks & Recreation Board:  Ed Voves, Tony Lentz,  Janet Platte, Kevin O'Brien and Samantha Burke


Returning in 2018!    Housing Programs & Spruce Up Elma funding for assistance in home purchase,  improvements or repairs!  See details below!


Recent City Council minutes are linked below for public viewing.





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