Old Roundhouse Trail

Old Roundhouse Trail

701 Busti Avenue Elma, IA 50628

  • 641.393.2539


Now open from Elma to past McIntire; 26+ miles total!!

The Old Roundhouse Trail is a hard surfaced, .44 mile trail from the Elma Trailhead Visitor’s center (across from the water tower) to the Elma City limits. The Old Roundhouse Trail now connects to the Wapsi-Great Western Trail for a nearly 26-mile trek northwest of Elma; past Lylah’s Marsh, the ghost town of Acme, and through the communities of Riceville & McIntire.  Plans are still underway to  further extend your riding/walking adventures going on to Austin MN, making it a roughly 77-mile long trail system once merged with the Shooting Star Trail. Currently, only 4 miles separates the Wapsi-Great Western & Shooting Star trails, so watch for future news on the progression of merging these two trails as well.

Click on the following two links for more information about the Wapsi-Great Western Trail system and the Shooting Star Trail which is yet to be connected to the Wapsi-Great Western Trail.

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