Growth Culture Fitness

Growth Culture Fitness

501 Busti Avenue Elma, IA 50628


Jeff & Taylor Hoover bought the fitness facility in Elma, IA January of 2023, now known as Growth Culture Fitness, LLC. Jeff has been passionate about growth both mentally and physically throughout his adulthood.

Our constant goal is to make the facility an environment that inspires people to challenge themselves for the greater of their life.
If you don’t care for yourself today, you pay for it later!
Motivation fades. Discipline is KEY!

We have been working on bringing updated equipment into the facility so we can provide better opportunities for you.

2023 was the first year of the Volleyball Tournament for Elma Days. We hope to see this as an annual event, so stay posted by following our facebook page!

To sign up for a membership you can visit our link above, email us or give us a call.
You can also use the code on the door or stop in at JED Construction to get info to sign up.

Jeff Hoover : 563-203-7953
For membership or key questions please contact Taylor Hoover : 641-229-6516

Move the Body. Challenge your Mind. Sharpen your Future.