June 2018 City Council

The Elma City Council meeting was opened at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Jerry Steven in the former school building cafeteria. Meeting was opened with roll call: Randy Thoren, present, Tom Platte, present, Jerry Haar, present Emily Ptacek, present, TJ Granahan, absent.

There was one addition to the agenda: a liquor license for Elma Express. Tom moved the agenda be approved with the addition of the liquor license for the Elma Express, second Jerry, carried.

Tom moved the minutes of the May 14th meeting be approved, second Jerry, carried.

Tom moved the building permit for Dave Zobeck, second Randy, carried. The building permit for Tony Roethler was tabled until the July meeting due to needing a special permit for variance on his addition. The special building permit must be posted at least 7 days in advance of the July 9th meeting. Jerry moved the liquor licenses for the City of Elma for Old Roundhouse Days and the Elma Express be approved, second Emily, carried.

Tom moved the cigarette permits for the Elma Locker and the Elma Express be approved, second Randy, carried.

Jerry moved the claims be approved, second Randy, carried.

Ms. Jacqueline Klein’s presence was requested due to complaints that her dog has been running at large. Ms. Klein discussed with the Council that she does not intentionally let her dog run loose, but acknowledges that he has gotten loose before and that she has taken some extra steps to help insure that he does not get loose again. The Council thanked her for her acknowledgement and feels that she is taking the steps to make sure he does not get loose.

John Nielson from Perry Novak Electric was present to give an update on the solar projects. The lawyers are looking over the lease agreement for the school lot and they’d start installation when it is approved. He discussed that there are 3 trees that would have to come down. They are mostly dead or have dead branches that could harm the solar system should they fall. There are a couple additional trees that may have to come down in the future, but for now should be okay. They will work with the City on removing these trees.

Robert Letkey questioned the approval of the building permit for Wayne Stayton to bring in a trailer house as there are ordinances against pulling in a trailer house. The council was under the impression that Mr. Stayton was bringing in a modular home. Mayor Steven will talk with Mr. Stayton to halt any further progress until we speak with the City’s lawyer on how to remedy this.

The City is in trying to obtain an abandoned property on Birch St. The City’s lawyer, Bart Seebach, recommended having a title report completed on the property. The title report would cost $175.00. He was asking that the Council approve having the title report completed. Jerry moved the City have the title report completed for the property on Birch St, second Randy, carried. Scott O’Brien also asked the Council about the other abandoned properties in town and if he could call the State Fire Marshall in to inspect to insure that the properties are a hazard and not habitable anymore. Mayor Steven discussed that it would be okay to call the Fire Marshall and would be easier to proceed with getting these houses cleaned up with an inspection completed.

Discussion was on the new fireworks ordinance passed last summer. The ordinance states that residents may light off fireworks from June 1st through July 8th from the hours of 9:00 am to 10:00 pm with the exception of July 4th until 11:00 pm. Fireworks are also allowed December 10th through January 3rd from the hours of 9:00 am to 10:00 pm with the exception of January 1st until 12:30 am. Shannon will publish the entire ordinance in the Alta Vista Shopper.

There is an ordinance on getting Council approval for having chickens and there have been some residents in town that have recently acquired chickens. Shannon will send a letter requesting their presence at the July 9th meeting.

There was discussion on who is responsible for trees on boulevards. It appears that the ordinances state that the property owner is responsible for maintaining (trimming) trees while the City is responsible for removal of problem (dead or diseased) trees. Shannon will check with the City’s attorney on clarification of these ordinances. There are two trees in question at this time. The committee will discuss what to do with these two trees.

Discussion was on a raise for Dennis O’Brien. Discussion was that a 2% increase would be a $1.01 an hour raise. Randy moved that resolution 20180618 approving a wage increase of $1.01 per hour for Dennis O’Brien to begin on July 1, 2018 be approved, second Emily. Mayor Steven requested a roll call vote. Vote is as follows. Randy, aye, Jerry, aye, Emily, aye, Tom, nay, and TJ, absent. Vote passes.

Mayor Steven had no further comments.

Jerry moved the meeting be adjourned, second Randy, meeting adjourned.