March 2018 City Council

The Elma City Council meeting was opened at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Jerry Steven in the former school building cafeteria. Meeting was opened with roll call: Emily Ptacek, present, Tom Platte, present, Jerry Haar, present, Randy Thoren, present, TJ Granahan, present.

Mayor Steven requested that 2 items be added to the agenda. Item 7a to be the speed limit on Orchard Street and item 7b would be the tractor pullers building. Randy moved the agenda with the two additions be approved, second Jerry, carried.

Tom moved the minutes of the February 12th meeting be approved, second TJ, carried.

TJ moved the liquor license for Maple Heights Golf and Country Club be approved, second Emily, carried. Tom would like to speak to the insurance agent about the City’s policy before paying the claim. Tom moved the claims, without the claim to PIA for the City’s insurance, be approved, second TJ, carried.

Mayor Steven opened the public hearing for the City’s fiscal year 18-19 budget. Tom inquired about the breakdown for the different departments. They are shown in pages further back in the report. There was no further discussion. Mayor Steven closed the meeting at 7:15.

Emily read aloud resolution 20180312, approving the annual budget for the fiscal year 2018-19. TJ moved the resolution be approved, second Tom. Mayor Steven asked for a roll call vote. Vote is as follows: Emily, aye, Tom, aye, Jerry, aye, Randy, aye, TJ, aye. Vote passes.

Tony Roethler discussed with the Council that a signed letter from the City would need to be sent to the Army Donations Program Office to allow for the placement of a US Army Static Display. The Council also talked about this in the February meeting and agreed to the use of City property for the display. It was discussed that the word “donating” should be changed to “allowing” for the use of City property. TJ moved the letter be sent, with the word change from “donating” to “allowing”, for the US Army Static Display, second Emily, carried.

Jendro Sanitation has requested a rate change for garbage collection. It is stated in their contract that they can ask for an increase. Since they have not increased in the two years that they have been contracted with the City, it was discussed that this was a fair request. With the increase in collection, the rates for residents will need increasing also. It was suggested to raise rates by $.50 a month per bin size.

TJ read aloud Resolution 20181312-1 approving the change in garbage rates to $13.50 for 35 gallon totes per month, $15.00 for 65 gallon totes per month and $16.50 for 95 gallon totes per month. Emily moved the resolution be approved, second Jerry. Mayor Steven asked for a roll call vote. Vote is as follows: Emily, aye, Tom, aye, Jerry, aye, Randy, aye, TJ, aye. Vote passes.

Shannon will also be contacting Jendro to find out about available dates for City wide cleanup day.

TJ talked that the committee formed to discuss issues with the school building project had received two proposals from architects to complete the study for renovation of the building. The group went through the ranking criteria set by CDBG qualifications. Based on the rankings, the committee is requesting that the City hire Skott and Anderson Architects to complete the survey since they have prior knowledge of projects done with the building. TJ moved to hire Skott and Anderson Architects for the completion of the school building survey, second Emily, carried.

Stacey O’Brien submitted a request for the Wisdom and Wellness program to use the school gym, cafeteria, and three school classrooms to hold the program in June. Discussion  was that the program will be responsible for the cleaning of the areas after use. TJ moved the Wisdom and Wellness program be allowed to use the requested areas of the school building, second Jerry, carried.

Tom discussed that in past years, there were waterways engineered to carry water out of Elma to prevent flooding. His concern was that these waterways are still in place and being maintained. Tom will get together with Denny to check on the waterways.

Tom discussed that the item “consent agenda” is not really an item that needs to be on the agenda since it is on there to approve many things at one time under that item. We will now take that item out and just number every item on the agenda.

Discussion was on people speeding on Orchard St, the truck route that goes past the City shop, fire station and O’Brien’s Plumbing and Heating. There used to be a speed limit sign up in the past, but is no longer there. Speed limit sign needs to go back up.

At the February meeting, it was discussed that the tractor pullers would like to put a building up on the City property by the South well house. It would be no cost to the City and the City would be able to use it for shelter when the tractor pull is not going on. The building would by 36x48x10 pole and roof only. Tom moved the tractors pullers could put up their building on the City’s property by the South well house, second Jerry.

There were some proposals that came in to the City for buildings at the sewer plant, however, we still need to hear from the DNR what would be acceptable.

Shannon is asking for a raise in wages for the City Clerk position. The finance committee will discuss and have a recommendation for the April meeting.

The agenda item was closed session for buying/selling of property. It was discussed that closed session is not necessary for this. It was specifically talked about whether the City would want to sell the Rainy building and it was agreed that maybe in the future, but there wasn’t a need to at this time.

Mayor Steven had no further comments.

Tom moved the meeting be adjourned, second Emily, meeting adjourned.