BRIDGE Community Accomplishments

Past projects achieved through The BRIDGE Organization, Inc. include:

  • Housing programs
  • Elma welcome signs
  • New Christmas decorations
  • Downtown Elma revitalization
  • Creation of Elma welcome baskets for new residents
  • Assisted in the Elma Park improvement projects providing partial funding
  • Developed and sponsored website
  • Re-started Elma Trail Days annual festival and is the major coordinator of this annual event
  • Funded and created Elma databases (including purchase of BRIDGE laptop computer and printer)
  • Assisted and provided partial funding of the Elma Early Childhood Center
  • Sponsored annual Girl Scout flower barrel planting
  • Partially sponsored various Boy Scout Eagle Scout projects
  • Provided partial funding for the Memorial Hall improvement project and established the Young Professionals Group
  • Developed the “Young Professionals” mentoring program through which the Elma Area Wellness Center & park benches projects were completed
  • Working with the City of Elma on an Industrial Park
  • Development of lots on Busti Avenue
  • Re-purposing of the Elma School building & grounds
  • Other entrepreneurial opportunities

Community accomplishments & projects from January 1, 2003 – March 31st, 2016 in which BRIDGE assisted

Project Contributions 2003-2016

BRIDGE contributed $10,000 (or more):
total project budget is listed at far right

  1. (2003-Present) Old Roundhouse Trail Days (annual budget $10,000-$15,000)
  2. (2005) Elma Area Community Foundation (as Elm-Go Business Group). Fund establishment-$200,000
  3. (2007-2009) Elma Park Playground Equipment, Shelter, & Restrooms project-$115,000
  4. (2008) Elma Early Childhood Center-$130,000
  5. (2010) Old Roundhouse Recreational Trail (within Elma City limits)-$15,000
  6. (2011) Elma’s 125th Anniversary Celebration (budget undetermined)
  7. (2011-2012) Elma Memorial Hall Expansion & Renovation Project-$425,000
  8. (2012) Young Professionals Mentorship Program-$10,000
  9. (2013) Elma Area Wellness Center-$120,000
  10. (2014-2016) Busti Avenue/Blue Bird Block Revitalization Project-(budget not finalized yet)

BRIDGE contributed $1,000-$9,999
total project budget is listed at far right

  1. (2004) Original BRIDGE laptop & database project-$3500
  2. (2009) Original website project -$3500
  3. Elma Visioning Committee Projects:
    1. “Rock Art” Welcome Signs-$2000
    2. Trailhead Renovations & Visitor’s Center-$50,000
    3. (2012) Beautification Project (trees/shrubs @ Trailhead, Park, Trail & City Clerk’s Office)-$6,000
    4. (2012) Replacing wood carving @ IAS/Elma welcome area-$1,000
  4.  (2005-Present) Wisdom & Wellness Summer Youth Program-$9,000 given to date
  5. School Museum Renovation Project-$10,000
  6. Street Light Christmas Decoration Project-$5,000
  7. Wapsi Great Western Trail Project (from Elma city limits northwest to A46 blacktop)-$5,000 given to date
  8. Elma Public Art (sculptures, statues & Trailhead arch)-$6,000
  9. (2014) Digital Sign Project (project part of the 125th Celebration proceeds)-$19,645
  10. (2015-2016) Elma Website upgrade/Elma Videos Project-$5,000


The BRIDGE Organization has been or is currently a fiscal agent for these non-profit organizations
for grant application/distribution purposes or while 501c3 status is applied for

  1. (2003-present) Old Roundhouse Trail Days annual festival
  2. Roller Skate Project
  3. Elma Museums
  4. (2006-present) Elma 5k Walk/Run Event
  5. (2011) Elma 125th Celebration
  6. (2013-2014) Elma Area Wellness Center
  7. (2015) Fit for Life Project
  8. (2015) Magical Nights, Christmas Delights Project

Additional Projects or Programs of The BRIDGE Organization:

  1. ( 2002 & 2013) Facilitated community-wide strategic planning sessions
  2. Facilitated the property transfer of the Trailer Factory to JED’s & the Elma Locker & Grocery
  3. (2009-2011) Led research & pursuit of re-establishing medical clinic services in Elma
  4. (2009-present) Created & maintains the community website/calendar of events
  5. (2013-present) Created & maintains the Elma, Iowa Facebook page
  6. (2013-2014) Led community awareness/discussion proceedings regarding the closure of the Elma School
  7. (2014) Assisted City of Elma with transfer of Elma School property to City property
  8. (2014-present) Maintains the community digital sign, posting community messages monthly.

Posted: March 18, 2016 in BRIDGE News