Outdoor Fitness Equipment Instructions

The Back Extension equipment strengthens the lower erector spinae muscles of the lower back, as well as the gluteus and hamstring areas. This will also have the effect of improving posture and stability. To perform the exercise, lie forward on the back extension bench with your thighs resting against the green pad and the heels held in the foot bracket. With your hands behind your head, or arms across the chest, slowly raise your upper body to a high comfortable position, extending the lower back until the lumbar curve is increased. Hold briefly, then slowly lower to the starting position.

Perform this carefully to protect the lower back. – Learn More

The push-up is one of the best developers of shoulder strength. The Push Up Stand allows for the correct position and a full range of motion while avoiding contact with the ground Built with heavy duty steel, the Push Up Stand is a great piece of equipment to add to your Outdoor Fitness area! – Learn More

The Push-Up Bars are heavy weight steel build to support a vigorous workout. This equipment hosts one of the most basic and effective upper body strength exercises. Push ups support and promote upper body strength, and strengthens the triceps, pectoralis, deltoids, and the abdominal area. – Learn More

The Leg Press Trainer is a smaller, lighter-weight version of our original Leg Press for those who are on a limited budget or only need a two-person station.This equipment provides two positions, each with self weighted resistance. The exercise places emphasis on the quadriceps, gluteals, and hips. Since the level of resistance is modest, the exercise avoids risks that are are associated with heavy squats in a standing position. Most individuals will perform a large number of repetitions, perhaps as many as 20 to 30, which introduces greater cardiovascular benefit to compliment the power developed in the legs. For maximum resistance the exercise can be done with one leg at a time.

Also, one may choose to use the piece of equipment to perform calf raises in a seated position, one or two legs at a time. With fully extended legs, press the toes into the platform and push yourself up and away from the supports using the calf muscles. – Learn More 

The Sit-up Bench exercises improve the strength of the abdominal muscles and the flexor group of muscles of the hip and upper thigh. Sit on the Sit-up Bench, with the feet down, held under the support bar. Lie on your back with legs slightly bent. Raise the shoulders and upper body off the bench, feeling the muscular contraction in the abdomen and flexors. Return slowly, Repeat.

Resistance can be varied depending on the extent to which the legs are bent — straight legs providing the most resistance. Also, the further back the arms and elbows, the greater the resistance. You can also vary the exercise by grabbing the bar, overhead with the hands and raising the legs. This will place more emphasis on the lower abdominals and hips. Resistance will depend on the straightness of the legs. The straighter the legs, the more difficult the exercise. Perform 8 to 20 repetitions depending on strength and variation used. As always, begin easily and impose no excessive strain. – Learn More

The Dual Exercise Bars are a smaller version of the 5-place Strength and Stretch Bar system. The Dual Exercise Bars provide two adjustable bars for various pulling, pushing and stretching exercises.

The bars may be installed in a variety of ways to customize your equipment for both adults and youth alike! Install the bar low for an assisted push-up exercise. This is an effective overall upper-body activity which strengthens not only your chest, but your triceps, deltoids, biceps, back and abdominals as well. These are the same benefits achieved with regular push-up, the bars help lower the resistance and allow additional repetitions without excessive strain. Install the bar higher for assisted pull-ups. Assisted pull-ups exercise the same muscle groups required of chin-ups. Position yourself under the bar with the feet planted on the ground. Pull with the rowing action until the chin is above the bar. The resistance is controlled by the position of the feet and the chosen height of the bar. Additionally, all of the many stretches and exercises that can be done on a ballet bar can be practiced on the Dual Exercise Bars. These can include many leg strengthening exercises including alternating leg swings, lunges, and deep knee bends. Use the bars to stretch hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, as well as shoulders, arms and chest. – Learn More

The UnEven Bars accommodate a variety of strength exercises, including chin-ups and dips. Chin-ups are one of the best exercises to build shoulder strength and the biceps. They require considerable strength. The bars can be set at a heigth that allows a boost from the ground which applies momentum to the pull. For increased difficulty, stronger individuals can work without foot contact so that the pull is unassisted. A similar approach can be applied to the dips exercise. Provide assistance with a boost from the ground, or perform the exercise without assistance. – Learn More

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